RIP Gord Downie

it’s a dark day in Canada and for the Hip faithful and family of Mr. Downie’s.

Gord was a gift to us all. his words, music and passion and love for country and mankind goes
unparalleled in my lifetime and, i believe, his. Quietly, humbly, with a true artist perspective and extreme commitment,
Mr. Downie and his extraordinarily talented band of brothers, ignited a following only rivalled by the beloved Maple Leafs
(though he was a staunch Bruins fan).

Poetry, humility, unbridled performances of passion and belief.

i was fortunate to see them many, many times. i lost myself fully, completely, each time.

he was the greatest live frontman i have ever seen. i remarked that throughout the eras of jagger and bono,
neil and thom. and i am great, great fans of those artists.

Mr. Downie will never leave us. his unique and soulful spirit will live in all of us for centuries that will be passed down
to many generations.

mind you, “it sucks”, as my 13-year old remarked this morning.

he was the wordsmith so it’s quite difficult to give his mark on this world proper justice, even though we share the same alphabet.
i just can’t and won’t do it.

our thoughts and sincere and humbled thanks to his family, gord, rob, paul and johnny, management and all those who surrounded
him for his 53 years.

you are one the last plucked gems, gord.


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